One of the Most important Parts of Your Event Happens Before the Rubber Hits the Road. Here’s where your event comes to life on paper with creative ideas and production, including large-scale displays and graphics. It’s the time when we “make” the event from start to finish, procure the sites and make certain every single one of them can accommodate all the important parts of your event, including menu selection, lighting and sound equipment.


As Locations and Times are Booked, Travel Arrangements Can Begin. In the set up phase of our process, we’ll explore our database and book any logistics staff, including talent, and complete the tour schedule. We make the travel arrangements, too, from hotels and rental cars for people, and flatbeds and setup crews for tents and displays. We’ll also have a list of vendors waiting as necessary for things you might not think of, like automotive detailing or equipment repair.

The Fun Starts Here! Hours before the event begins, presenters, staff, displays, acoustics, multimedia, caterers, games, music, prizes and entertainment show up. Each professional gets their own itinerary and the tour manager finalizes all instructions and expectations, so event execution is smooth, seamless and leaves customers with branded memories of the experience. 

Disassemble. Pack up tight. Load. Clean up. Make our way to the next stop. In many instances, we’re able and willing to recycle material. And, in all instances, we do our diligence to leave the tour stop in better condition than how we found it.