Event Services-Transportation

The right staffing can make all the difference. We’ve got you covered. Our full database of on-site coordinators, facilitators, profession drivers, brand ambassadors and product specialists means that your brand is represented by seasoned professionals that know the in’s and out’s mobile events.

It’s about more than getting from A to B. It’s also about storage, safety and timing. Every piece of transportation is managed and maintained at every stop. Then it’s protected with $2,000,000 cargo liability insurance, real-time satellite tracking and our careful human eyes.

If we don’t have it, we’ll get it. Mobile X Events has a huge inventory of supplies and materials that support your tour. From tables and chairs to linens, coolers, signage and barriers, tents and drive props, chances are good we already have everything you need. 

Site Planning Services-Experiential Event Marketing
Safety-Site-Security-Experiential Event Marketing

Site Planning
From booking the venue to data analytics. And everything in between. We do our research to determine and make sure every venue is rich with your target demographics. And when we find the perfect spot, we pull the proper permits to ensure that no event is ever interrupted or shut down.

Design and Buildout
Our fabrication team can bring your vision to life. We offer state-of-the-art engineering and creative problem-solving! We specialize in off-road and closed-course props and 53’ double expandable trailers. From water fording tanks to log walks. Tell us your goals and we’ll make them a reality!

From putting equipment on lockdown to making sure your guests are cared for. Security is about keeping people, equipment and materials safe, of course. It’s also about peace of mind. So not only do we insure necessary items, we can track them and retrieve them as well.

Support Services-Experiential Event Marketing
Paperwork-Experiential Event Marketing
Creative Services-Experiential Event Marketing

Hiring the right contractors. Overseeing the work. Making sure it’s perfect. That’s what we do. In addition to being industry specialists at custom trailer and prop build-outs, our contractors are true artists, people with vision. 

From permits and insurance to contracts and leasing. Don’t worry. We’ve got it covered. Every contract, every signature, everything your tour needs is provided and protected.

Ideation Support
Whether you are looking to teach in a fun way, educate a prospect about your brand or market your tour across many mediums, we are big picture thinkers with great ideas and the know-how to execute them.