Gary Carlson,
President & CEO

He founded Select 1 Transport in 1997 and is driven by a strategic vision for innovation and an unwavering passion for the logistics and transportation industry.

Traci Hynes,
MXE Group VP

With 23 years’ experience of coordination and managing product training tours and launch events, Traci’s management approach provides strong leadership and direction for MXE operations.

Jonah Thomson,
Account Executive

Jonah has 17+ years of proven success with logistical planning and managing the operations side of high-profile, high-impact marketing, media and training events, tours and meetings.

Wade Urban,
Executive Producer

Wade has exquisitely managed and produced product launch tours and ride & drives for clients including Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, GM and Kia.

Erin Creger,
Account & Budget Mgr.

Erin has a knack for details (and timelines), which comes naturally after 14 years of successful and respected event project management.

Nick McDonald,
Mobile Account Manager

Nick is an industry expert in tour transportation management. More than just coordinating schedules, vehicles, and routes, he is the liaison for permits, expenses, tracking, and insurance.

Ryan Carlson,
Purchasing & Travel Mgr.

As the travel manager, Ryan is not only in charge of booking transportation from hotels, rental cars and flights, he triple bids all vendor services. The result? We get the best quality at the best price.

Ollie Mitchell,
Creative Specialist

Ollie has an exceptional talent for capturing the essence of the brand with a fresh, creative approach, and to the delight of his clients.